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Colonel Hamilton Neal was born in a small town in the heart of bluegrass country. At eleven years old he was baptized at Great Crossing Baptist Church, the same church that was once led by the father of bourbon, Elijah Craig. This can’t be coincidence folks. In fact, in his early years of formal education young Hamilton’s plan was to follow in old Elijah’s professional footsteps. Plans however, are like the Kentucky weather, transforming by the minute.

Ultimately Hamilton received a degree in Political Science from the University of Kentucky. Hamilton and his wife Necole, who was born on the coast of South Carolina but like Hamilton got her degree from the home of the Wildcats, moved to Jacksonville, Florida to start a career and put down their roots.

Hamilton became a financial advisor in 2000,then a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ in 2006. He has a successful practice where he and his team manage north of $215 million of clients assets in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL.

The Kentucky Colonel uses much of his spare time to volunteer with a number of charities including the historic Florida Theatre in downtown Jacksonville. Hamilton and Necole have enjoyed their marriage for over 19 years now and together they have produced 2 incredible kids, Ellie, 13 and Parker, 10. For the past 13 years they have called Saint Augustine, Florida their home.


Born in the late sixties, Alan was exposed to everything from hippies to hair metal. He considers himself a child of the eighties but remembers the seventies well. He likes to say that he’s a child of the eighties but truly did his “growing up” in the U.S. Navy. Alan still uses the lessons and life skills that he acquired in the Navy to this day.

Growing up in Southwest Georgia on the Flint River Alan learned skills like fishing, hunting, and how to bandage a cut with duct tape. When asked about his childhood Alan had this to say; “We were what I think of as lower-middle class. We weren’t poor by any means but we didn’t have some of the shiny things my friends had.” He goes on to say; “I never thought about it that way. I wasn’t really jealous. My Mom and Dad gave us all we ever needed.” He was taught to be satisfied with what he had. “Looking back I’m thankful for the childhood I had.”

After his Navy years Alan married his wife of over twenty years, Alison. Together they have two brilliant young ladies, Kimberly, 14, and Samantha, 12, who according to Alan, are being groomed to take over the world. Though he hasn’t hunted for many years he still enjoys fishing on his boat, Three Wishes, which he named for his wife and two daughters.

When offered a spot on The Bourbon Chronicles Alan was a bit tentative at first having never done anything even remotely like it before. His concerns were placated however by Hamilton’s convincing argument that if the show reflected their friendship it would work. When asked about the show Alan offered; “It’s work getting ready for the show but it’s something I have a passion for.” “I hope that passion is evident.” To the fans he sends a genuine thanks for listening.


Kelly grew up in the Jacksonville, FL area, and when it was his time to leave the nest he left for college without looking back.  As the youngest in the family, he was chomping at the bit to get away and carve his own path. Kelly was an avid baseball, basketball, and football player, and was eventually fortunate enough (and stupid enough) to play football for a couple of years at the University of Central Florida, where he doubled as a living tackling dummy.

A true Florida boy, he’s lived all over the state – Orlando, Miami, Jacksonville.  After nearly 17 years away from his hometown and after starting a family of his own, Kelly and his wife Bethany both had simultaneous work opportunities that brought them back to North Florida.  When deciding on where to settle, they looked all over town at places attractive them – San Marco, Riverside, Avondale – but Kelly always had an affinity for St. Augustine.  “I’d always loved it growing up, and swore someday I’d retire there” Kelly tells people.  As luck would have it, he had close friends that lived in a St. Augustine neighborhood already.  They visited, and fell in love with the place.  They moved in during the Summer of 2012, next door to Alan, and across the street from Hamilton… and The Bourbon Chronicles were born!  

Kelly is happiest outdoors, fishing, hiking, hunting, golfing, napping – whatever.  He’s a self-proclaimed grillmaster, and absolutely loves to grill meats and veggies to share with friends… which is why he forced Ham and Alan to agree “Kell’s Kitchen” on The Bourbon Chronicles show.  In fact, he was fired from the show after Volume 3, but keeps showing up with food… so he’s allowed to stay.

Also, Bacon.  ALL THE BACON.  Just Bacon.  Bacon Bacon Bacon.  

Kelly. Loves. Bacon.


Nicole’s story starts in Grandview Heights, Ohio where she made the local newspaper throwing leaves with friends in her front yard. Raised by Christian parents who lived within their means meant that Taco Bell and a movie was a treat. It also meant Nicole became adept at using her imagination. She credits her work ethic to her father who taught her early that hard work produces great reward. Nicole’s early achievements include ascending the First Avenue hill on her bike, and thoroughly trouncing all of her fourth grade teachers in a multiplication contest where she completed one-hundred mind-numbing problems in a mere fifty-four seconds. During her childhood years one would likely to find her in one of three places, playing sports outdoors, baking/burning in the kitchen, or in her room learning all the words to her favorite songs. Song-learning was a process back then. First, recording the song off the radio station, then carefully listening and jotting down the lyrics. Nicole was meticulous at all of her pastimes.

Moving out at eighteen meant growing up quickly. She took a job as a real estate appraiser’s assistant which lasted four years until meeting her soon to be husband David from St. Augustine, Florida while on a cruise. Twelve short years of wedded bliss later they have two stunning children, Ava who brightens any room as soon as she walks in, and Finn who wants nothing more than kisses and find fishing trips with his family.

In 2012 Nicole decided that she was going to fulfill her childhood dream and open her very own cupcake bakery. With the support of friends, including Hamilton, she was able to pull it off. In May of 2016 Nicole sold the business and landed where she feels she’s meant to be, consulting with other professionals to help them grow their business.

As the producer of The Bourbon Chronicles Nicole’s job is to keep the Three Stooges in line. Per Alan she is “the most helpful person ever and is perfectly suited for the role she plays.” Kelly, early on, accidentally dubbed her Michelle, which stuck, but only when her demanding and tough side pokes it’s head out. Hamilton says she’ll steal food off your plate, David claims she will out-dance Kevin Bacon, and her sweet Mother says Nicole is the loveliest piano student she has ever taught. What we know is that without her, the show would bomb.

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