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About the show.

The show features businesses, products, and interviews with interesting characters. You may hear a local food truck owner or the president of a distillery, you never know. You will definitely hear Hamilton lose his bourbon privileges. Tune in to WSOS 103.9 on Sundays at 5PM to hear about bourbon, music, food, and life from the perspective of three guys that are fighting off middle-age with some serious gusto. You’re guaranteed to have a good time or your money back.

About the cast.

Three buddies who enjoy bourbon, food, and music together have decided to capitalize on the craft spirits movement by creating a radio show about their passions. Kelly, Hamilton, and Alan are neighbors and best friends. The show is an amalgamation of stories and opinions that revolve around the interests of the average bourbon drinking, football watching, blues listening, and barbecue eating dad. The goal is to offer observation and levity to the lives of its listeners while studying the appreciation of fine spirits. But that sounds serious. These guys may know bourbon but they are anything but serious.


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